Anarchy Sports Club Policies

Anarchy Sports Club (ASC) sports card & memorabilia breaks…

SC Members have an opportunity to claim spots or teams prior to unboxing on our website. Each unboxing is referred to as a Break. A break is when the host opens a sealed sports card (or memorabilia box at a discounted price per spot or team. Our members are able to get their favorite team or or a team to their collection in an otherwise expensive product, and do it at a fraction of the price.

Are ASC Breaks Expensive?
The cost of our sports card breaks vary based on what product are used in the break. We work very hard at making our breaks more affordable. We are continuing to prove to Panini, Topps, Upper Deck & other brand name sports collectables product that we deserve to get lower pricing by sticking with certified distributors. The more we are able to purchase from our distributors the more opportunity we have to get product cheaper and pass the savings onto our members.

What Do I Get ?
For team breaks, the card goes to the team who’s logo or printed team name is on the card. What jersey they are wearing, or the color of the memorabilia in do not factor in the decision. If the card does not state a team (collegiate, unlicensed etc…the deciding order is 1) Current team if they are actively playing 2) DRAFTED TEAM if currently not playing 3) If they were never drafted and signed would go to their first signed team. 4) if they were never drafted & never played it would get randomized to everyone in the break.

What about cards with multiple teams represented?
When a card has multiple teams on it in a break, we random the card to the team owners to determine the owner. If the card is pulled with 1 Bucs Player, 2 Chargers players and 1 Dolphins player on the card, it would be a 4 Spot Random with Chargers having the best chance of landing the card. *Selling and splitting is not allowed

What is Random . Org ?
It is a web based randomizing software that helps us randomize teams, spots, names and more.

How many times do you randomize?
We run all randoms with 2 dice to determine the the number of randomizations & 6 on the dice total minimum to start. In large list cases we will use 3 dice to determine the number of randomization.

Shipping & Procedures What cards are shipped?
Unless otherwise stated in the listing, all cards ship from all breaks when you get an Autos, Relics, Serial Numbered Cards, Or hot Rookie or insert card. We take base cards and lesser value cards and hold them till you get a big hit then ship all at once.

When do I get my cards?
We ship once a week to our members. This allows us to minimize how many total packages we are entrusting to the USPS/UPS & FedEx. We ship at the START of each week the cards from the PREVIOUS week. This is a 48-72 Hour process, and you can expect a tracking number sent.